Every school year, inCharacter selects a theme. The theme is meant to guide us through our nine months and frame what we do. So we’ve officially closed our HEROiC 2018-2019 year. It’s now time to move forward to uncover the incredible things God has in store.

His plan for us is great- far greater than we can even comprehend. The world has conditioned us to value the wrong kind of greatness. Truth is, most of it is smoke and mirrors. Apart from God’s destiny plan, we live shallow, meaningless lives. Jesus came to deliver us from small living. He wants to set us free from the power of counterfeit greatness.

It’s now time for Him to restore our Christ-centered greatness. And it’s not found in power, money or fame. It’s restored through humility, self-discipline and servanthood. We’re setting the bar high for God to take inCharacter to a deeper place, a place that in every way will be... GREATER.


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