inCharacter exists to provide education and immersive training for young men and women, seeking to achieve a degree in Christian studies while preparing for a life in Christian ministry.
— Pastor Brian Sylvia / inCharacter Director

Maybe you're considering a "gap year" to develop a stronger spiritual foundation before pursuing your career. Or perhaps you want to prepare for ministry by studying for your Associate's or even Bachelor's degree in Leadership & Creative Arts. Whatever it is you're looking for, inCharacter may just be your next step. 

We invite you to take some time to look over this website and see for yourself all the Lord is doing through our team. Our reason for existence is to instill character and inspire creativity. We hope to have the opportunity to do just that in your life and ministry as well! 


The goal for every student at inCharacter revolves around our four core values. Our staff has spent many years in the ministry of raising next generation leaders. We are careful to do everything with the individual in mind. Many ministry training programs do not necessarily disciple the whole person. Our desire is to get to know our students, their unique giftings and calling, and prepare them for what it is God has for them as a person. We do so by paying attention to these four key areas:


Our desire is to train students to follow the example of Christ to become servant leaders. In addition to classroom studies and activities, iC students will consistently serve by assisting in student responsibilities on campus. 


Even as leaders at inCharacter, we get bored with church as usual. Creativity is key in all we do. We desire the learning process to be a creative journey, led by the ultimate in the creative, God Himself. Involvement in our Theatre Department is required for all students. The iC leaders are careful to involve the student in the creative process, encouraging them to think out of the box in their ministry endeavors. Ministry in the 21st century requires a creative approach and inCharacter will inspire the creative within our students.


A balanced approach of ministry preparation is our goal: solid, biblical instruction and ample, hands-on ministry opportunities. Creative arts ministry is more than a class taught, but it is involvement in productions, tours, and even competitive arts events. We believe that solid churches are looking for leaders who have more than knowledge; they have been prepared for ministry by doing ministry. The academics of inCharacter lead our students to an Associate's Degree in Ministry and, eventually, a Bachelor of Ministry. To learn more about the academics of inCharacter School of Ministry, click here.


A student's time at inCharacter is so much more than a series of classes: it is an incredible experience. Many opportunities are given for the student to travel while doing ministry. Such trips are filled with memories of things seen and lifelong friends made. Our special services, known as Spotlights (when God seems to shine light on, and deal with, a specific area of our lives), are impartational times that are treasured by the students at iC. Teamwork is a vital part of the adventure at inCharacter, because we firmly hold to the belief that God desires the church to function in such a manner. Team unity and cooperation are encouraged and protected. The time at iC can be summed up by this one word: experience!