inCharacter's Theatre Department is designed for students with a passion for dramatic arts ministry, it serves as a major discipleship tool for all of the students. iC typically produces two major productions annually, providing students with a range of experience from set and costume design to tech and make-up to stage performance. The productions are all geared to communicate the gospel creatively. We do not apologize for the ministry content of our pieces- it is our only purpose for existing. Our theatrical experiences have been enjoyed by thousands. What we affectionately term 'theatre season' in the iC year becomes a landmark experience and lasting memory for everyone who is a part of it. Our commitment remains clear: "Jesus, we'll never walk on a stage if it isn't for You!"

Pastor Brian Sylvia is the founder and director of inCharacter and our Theatre Department. The above promise made to our Savior has been instilled in each of us by Pastor Brian's example. His years of experience in the Christian drama and theatre world bring a sense of excellence and passion to our team- both on and off the stage.


Though we have produced over thirty productions through the years, we wanted to at least share some cast pictures from our most recent shows. Enjoy!

Jesus, we’ll never step on a stage if it isn’t for You!
— Pastor Brian Sylvia / inCharacter & iC Theatre Department Director